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Thank you for considering donating to our organization!

Our                    is packed full of items that we can always use, as well as the items listed below. 

Please be advised that due to state regulations and our internal safety policies, we may not be able to use all donated items on-site. If your donation is unable to be used on-site, we make every reasonable effort to donate it to other non-profit organizations that are able to make better use of the item. In some cases un-used items may be contributed to fundraisers or silent auctions.

Kuranda Bed

The Kuranda dog bed is vet recommend to help prevent joint-related difficulties and eliminate ugly elbow calluses. It is beneficial for arthritic, geriatric and special needs pets. The Kuranda Dog Bed with vinyl weave fabric is the perfect choice for incontinent and dogs recovering from surgery.

By clicking the link you will directed to our Kuranda wishlist, the wishlist contains the specific products that are most useful at our facility.

Natural Clay Litter

The Salina Animal Shelter uses only NON-clumping clay cat litter.  We can use any brand as long as it is non-clumpling clay litter.

Kitten Milk Replacement

This is a complete food source for orphaned or rejected kittens or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. We accept donations of kitten milk formula all-year round but especially need formular from Spring to Fall.

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Monetary donations can be made over the phone with a credit card, mailed or in person.

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