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Barkley Park


On August 20th 2016 Barkley Park, located at 1801 Markley Rd, was officially opened to the public. The 2 acre park was constructed on city-owned property using donated funds, and is seperated into 3 sections. The park is fenced with 6 foot, poly-coated chain link fence, with large doubleagates at the entrances. Each section is outfitted with benches, trees, doggie waste stations and a doggie water fountain. Funds are being raised to continue to upgrade the space with added amenities such as shade structures and agility equipment.

Park Hours

Daily from 5 a.m.-12 a.m.

Park Rules

  • There is no food allowed in the park

  • No smoking

  • You must pickup after your pet

  • No aggressive dogs are allowed

  • Dogs must be vaccinated

(and licensed if you reside within city limits)

  • Puppies under 4 months of age are not allowed

(due to their immature immunity)

  • You must leash your dog outside the park

  • Female dogs in season are not allowed

  • Children must be supervised

  • Spayed/neutered dogs are recommended

  • There is a 3-dog limit per person

  • Be responsible for your pet

  • Unattended dogs will be impounded

  • Pit bulls are prohibited

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